Crisis Management / PR

Crisis in Fashion

I wanted to take a look back to 2011 when artistic director of Christian Dior, John Galliano, allegedly spewed anti-Semitic remarks in a French café’. There was a lot of attention and talk about the designer. The scandal became viral when a cell phone video of the rants went on the Internet. The meltdown left many involved in the fashion industry asking can designers continue to sustain themselves with demands by executives to meet profits. Galliano was not the first designer to crack under the high pressure, Marc Jacobs has completed rehab multiple times; Alexander McQueen committed suicide two years ago before his womenswear show, and designer Christophe Decarnin was not present at his show reportedly recovering from nervous exhaustion. 

Breakdowns like this negatively reflect the fashion industry, although Dior had been very honest about what happened and how they were going to fix the issue at hand.

This relates to crisis management public relations because incidents like this can negatively affect a brand or designer. However, Dior representatives had been communicating with the public and apologizing for Galliano’ mistakes. Dior fashion house also fired Galliano knowing his remarks were out of line. Dior quickly used their website, Twitter, and other social networking sites to keep the public aware and correctly informed on the issue.


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