Communication / Social Media

Instagram for Brands

We’ve all been hearing a lot about Instagram lately, so you’re probably wondering whether you should take the plunge and create a profile or not. For those of you who may not use Instagram or who haven’t even heard of it, it is a social media site that allows users to follow other users and comment or ‘like’ photos they find interesting. Once you like an image, it’s placed in a folder called ‘photos you’ve liked.’ So who exactly is taking advantage of this media? Businesses!

Lots of businesses are developing profiles, encouraging users to follow them and either ‘like’ or comment on their photos. Instagram is a great platform for artists, designers, and retailers. It is a very visual atmosphere. I don’t view it as a heavy information platform for businesses, unless of course you are a retailer or you have visual marketing pieces to share. Instagram definitely has a niche carved out in the retailer market place.

Although Instagram is only two years old, its popularity has reached 100 million people. I’ve found countless unknown designers through Instagram, whom I now check their sites regularly and often order from. I also follow a few of my favorite brands such as Free People, Tiffany & Co and Starbucks.

So I say go for it, take the plunge into the Instagram world!


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