Crisis Management

Rules of Crisis Management

One of the main factors that determine how a company will withstand a crisis is how they respond to a crisis. A crisis can strike at any time. Crises do not discriminate based on a company’s size or name, and they often strike when you least expect them.

Failure to respond during a crisis can result in harm to stakeholders. If you don’t prepare, you will take even more damage. The basic steps of effective crisis communications are not difficult, but they require advance work in order to minimize damage.

Here are 10 rules of crisis management according to CRT/tanaka:

1. Being unprepared is no excuse

2. You know the threats – get ready for them

3. Know what you want to say before they ask you

4. Admit that you are wing-it challenged

5. Three key messages for every crisis: “We have a plan to deal with…”, “Our hearts and prayers go out to those…” and “We immediately began our own investigation to make sure that we…”

6. Beware of the court of public opinion

7. You’ve got 48 hours

8. Divide and conquer

9. Get outside help

10. Every crisis is an opportunity

Always remember, it can happen to you!


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